Looking For Gracie


A SaultOnline.com viewer needs your help. We received the following  message from Jenna Huff who is hoping you can help find her family member.

Here’s her story.

Could you possibly publish a story regarding my missing cat? I am offering a $100 reward for her return.

I’m a long standing animal rescuer and lover. I am always ready and willing to step up and help others, but I’m hoping people can help me this time?

MISSING-CAT-2Gracie, my 7 year old spayed female all grey cat, snuck out the door while letting the dog out at 2:30 am on Wednesday, May 13, from 79 Cambridge Place. She is an indoor only cat, and therefore has no street smarts. She is greatly missed and a very important part of our family. I adopted her from the humane society when she was just 5 weeks old and she has been my “right hand” cat ever since. She acts like a dog and always comes when she is called, and is always up for either playing or just a snuggle fest.

I have 4 live traps set up in the vicinity, along with about 30 laminated posters. I’ve also handed out over 200 flyers in mailboxes asking people to check under their sheds and decks in case she is hiding. I’ve been checking with the humane society daily and have plastered social media with her story. In addition to all of this, I’ve been praying constantly and trying not to lose hope.

I’m hoping by spreading her story further, someone may see her and notify me. I can be reached any time day or night at 705-206-4026 by phone or text.

Thank you kindly for your time and concern.

Sincerely, Jenna Huff

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