Love of My Life Filming on Queen Street

Love of My Life Filming

If anyone happens to be driving down Queen Street East by the South end of March Street today you may notice a bit of extra activity as production company CTS continues to film for the upcoming movie “Love of My Life” by Director Joan Carr-Wiggin. The comedy is about an architect’s last days and includes local extras from a casting call which was put out earlier in April.

Joan Carr-Wiggin shot another film in the Sault, Happily Ever After, in 2014. Cast members for that movie included Janet Montgomery (Black Swan), Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie) and Peter Firth (The Hunt for Red October). Joan is credited as a writer, director and producer for several films such as Happily Ever After, If I Were You, A Previous Engagement, My First Wedding, Honeymoon and Sleeping with Strangers.

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