Love Story


Spring has always been known as the season to fall in love or start taking your new babies for a walk in their stroller. Even at my age, it’s not too late to fall in love so I’ll tell you my story. It happened on Monday on Gore Street.

This isn’t a commercial for anyone. It’s just my story.

On Monday I wanted to go to the cop shop on Gore St. to visit a friend. I parked my car in front of the Soo North Fly Shop and got out, In front of the store was a sign that said Shitzu pups for sale, 6 weeks old. Me being an animal lover had to go in and see these pups.

Right away, an adult shitzu ran right over to me and started caressing my leg with her body and begging to be picked up and petted. I started melting right at that moment. I looked around to see if the puppies were around and sure enough, there was a wire cage with two adorable puppies sleeping in it. I went to it and by the time I got to it one of the puppies was up and begging for affection. It was the female. The male continued on sleeping.

I knew the owner and I asked him a few questions and these are the replies I got to my questions:

Pure bred
All shots plus de-wormed
and an added bonus – micro chip already implanted in them

As I stated before, this is not a commercial to try and sell this puppies, it’s how I went to Gore St. and ended up falling in love with the cutest puppies in the world.

If you want to see them, just go to the Soo North Fly Shop, 132 Gore St
or call them at (705) 987-1745.