Making Our Roads The Safest In The World

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May 12-18, 2015 will mark Canada Road Safety Week, a national campaign aimed at making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

This campaign is a police initiative designed to remind people that an essential part of the enforcement job is to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways. Educating the public about safe driving practices is a priority. The focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users most at risk. These are: impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving. All enforcement agencies across the country have been invited to participate.

“The deaths, pain and broken hearts that result from carelessness behind the wheel can be prevented,” says Chief Robert Keetch. “Police agencies across the country are collaborating on this initiative and asking you to choose safe behaviours while travelling on our roadways, whether you are driving or a passenger. It is incumbent upon the police and the public to work together to ensure that Canada’s roadways are the safest in the world.

In support of Canada Road Safety Week, officers from Traffic and Patrol Services will be out targeting these risky behaviours with targeted enforcement.

Canada Road Safety Week is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and Transport Canada and is part of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2015, which has a goal of making Canada’s roads the safest in the world by 2015.

“Dedicated to improving public safety on our roadways.


  1. This is no joke. Safe driving also includes the condition of the roads. Sault Ste. Marie has some of the worst roads in Ontario so they should be liable for any injuries/damage to vehicles and people. Why wasn’t the condition of the roads mentioned by the Police Chief?

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