Meat With Blades Left For Dog Says Homeowner


A Trout Lake woman says she’s afraid to let her dogs out after a piece of meat with blades was found on her property last week.

DOG-MEAT-1Nadine Roehrig has been a resident of Trout Lake , north of Sault Ste. Marie for 11 years has two dogs and will often leave one of the dogs tied to a lead on the clothes line allowing the dog the roam the property to the front yard area.

Last Wednesday, Roehrig’s son’s girlfriend found a chunk of meat in the mouth of one of the the dogs. The meat had 6 blades stuck in it, blades usually found with utility knives.

Roehrig doesn’t know who could have left the dangerous piece of meat on her front yard just enough so the dogs could reach it.  “I’ve lived here for 11 years and never experienced anything like this, there was a time when there were a rash of break-ins to homes on Trout Lake a few years ago.”

“I think my dogs are being targeted”  Roehrig told  Roehrig recalls the lead for one of her dogs has been cut twice. “It’s a strong lead made with wire and a plastic coating on it, it looked like it has been cut”

Roehrig says she has good neighbours and each of them have multiple dogs. “I know sometimes my dogs will get out and roam but everyone knows my dog, but if someone has a problem they should talk to me, what if a child found that instead of a dog or other animal?”

Roehrig said she has called the OPP and they are still investigating it.

“It just makes me sick to think someone would do something like this to innocent animals”

Luckily no  dog was harmed and Roehrig says she is forced to keep the dogs inside for the time being.

Meanwhile, Roehrig warns people in the Trout Lake area that there could be someone on the street or nearby that could be leaving other treats around for dogs or cats and that people should be aware.





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