Mommy Ex Machina


Sault College, Ontario, nursing faculty meet SimMom, a high-fidelity training mannequin, during a familiarization tour of LSSU’s Simulation Center on May 13 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Up front, from left are Nicky Kerr, Kay Vallee, and Rebecca Piccolo. Foreground left is Center director Jodi Orm; right is Vickie Slot, principle simulation expert with Spectrum Health Hospitals, of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

LSSU’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences was hosting an international simulation educator conference, along with Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer, both leaders in state-of-the-art medical patient-simulation technology that blinks, bleeds, cries, sweats and expresses symptoms to healthcare workers and students just as live patients might, and responds to treatment much like live patients would.

LSSU is eying a multimillion-dollar expansion of its own simulation center, presently located in the Sault SSMartZone technology accelerator building. Run a Web search on “LSSU simcenter” to read more about the LSSU facility.