New Public Housing Tenants Must Butt Out


The Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation (SSMHC) will be implementing a Smoke-Free policy in all of its buildings and units effective October 1, 2015. The SSMHC is applying this policy in the interest of providing a healthier environment for our tenants, guests, staff, and service personnel.
This policy will not affect current tenants with an existing legal lease agreement; all current tenants will be ‘grandfathered’ for the duration of their occupancies. This policy applies to all new tenants or an existing tenant choosing to move into a new building/unit on or after October 1, 2015.

In line with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, as well as with by-laws enacted by the City of Sault Ste. Marie to protect the public from second-hand smoke, the SSMHC no-smoking policy will provide added benefits which include:
• Reduced risk of fire
• Reduced maintenance, cleaning and move-out costs
• Fewer complaints and health concerns relating to second-hand smoke

The SSMHC recognizes the known human hazards of exposure to second-hand smoke. In an effort to assist tenants who are interested in quitting smoking, the SSMHC has partnered with the Algoma Public Health Unit to offer support programs.
As smoking will still be permitted in ‘grandfathered’ units, it is anticipated the transition to entirely smoke-free buildings (100%) will take considerable time.


  1. I live in seniors housing but I don’t smoke so this won’t affect me in any way. Any company I have that does smoke go out on the balcony, winter or summer. Used to smoke but quit with the onset of heart problems in ’91 and don’t miss it at all..

    Don’t disagree with this policy at all as I spent several years as a building super and smokers apartments were much more work to put back on the market. I do think, tho, that this will be a tough policy to enforce. As I said, I don’t smoke, but there is nothing to stop me from letting my smoking new neighbor come to my place and go smoke on my balcony…

    I think the more preferable option would have been to allow one years notice and then ban it totally across the board, instead of this two tier system that will be 20 years or longer working itself out. They did it this way in restaurants, hospitals, malls, and in some private rental buildings so I don’t see the problem…

    Doing it this way is going to cause a lot of friction between tenants for a long time, I’m thinking, but then again I don’t make the executive decisions. As I said, doesn’t really affect me…

  2. Seriously…I am a smoker. I am all for the ban of smoking in restaurants and retail establishments etc…
    However, this is complete and utter bull!! Ban alcohol in Sault Ste. Marie Housing units too! There is FAR MORE DAMAGE caused by drinking in these units than there is by tobacco!
    I understand … low income people shouldn’t have the same human rights as those who are working. …. so why not take them all away?!

  3. Roxy, what does any of that gibberish have to do with smoking in your unit. The private sector already has many units that are non smoking. Why should you have different rights because you are in geared to income?

    • Mike, it sounds like you’re an elitist. I’m a university educated man, and I happen to live in Sault Housing. And I smoke. One poster said it best – alcohol causes a lot more problems in these units than anything else. They want to legalize pot smoking, but ban cigarettes – I personally think a lot of wealthy yuppie professionals just decided that they should legislate their healthy lifestyle to us whether we like it or not. It always comes from the top down.

  4. what next if they are going to stop everyone from smoking in the privacy of their own home why is the government collecting billions of dollars from the sale of smokes shut down cigarette plants and stop all sales….No they wont cause they need the money from sales just like boose drunk drivers are killing people all the time wont stop alcohol sales they need the money from that to so government can continue their luxurious life styles!!!

  5. This is bullkids cant have a pool now u cant smoke in ur home u pay rent for…..but yet u complain about kids being bullied nothing happens lazy ass workers who dont do there jobs and then u have workers who steal ur stuff right out of ur yard…..where r the right sof ppl who do smoke…i know.its a nasty habit but its our right not urs and they only paint thise places every five yrs whether it needs it or not…if the five yrs isnt up and u move in so what then ppl will.complain ur outside smoking..ppl.just need to complain about something

    • Whoa whoa…it is us taxpayers that pay the majority of the rent. So as a taxpayer I would prefer if the units I help subsidize are non smoking. Don’t like it, move somewhere else.

      • No, it is the low income people that get paid minimum wage to serve you meals and operate your customer service centers or whatever, that don’t make enough to get taxed, who pay for YOUR lavish upperside condo, or whatever the heck you live in. The poor are literally the backbone of any capitalist society, so your bull doesn’t register with me.

        • I am sorry, but hard work and education paid for my “lavish upperside condo”. The poor unfortunately have to rely on the assistance of the government, and the government makes the rules. Don’t want to play by the government’s rules, move into a place not controlled by them.

          It is like someone taking a job but one of the conditions of employment changed, and now they have to wear steel toe boots. They don’t want to wear steel toe boots. Well guess what… go find another job then, the rules are in place to protect everyone.

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