Once upon a time…


puppets2002Fiction and fantasy, histories and mysteries, romance and tragedy – the theme of the 94th annual Rotary Community Day Parade is “Great Books”!

Maybe your idea of a great book comes from classical literature, or maybe it’s your favourite page-turner from your childhood. This is your chance to get creative and use costumes, music, floats, and kinetic sculptures to bring your favourite story to life.

“I am always impressed by the work and ingenuity that the community puts into floats. I am convinced that this year’s theme will result in an abundance of exciting entries,” shared David K. Marshall, the Community Day Parade Marshal. “Everyone always has a fantastic time, and it’s rewarding to see individuals and families downtown, celebrating summer fun.”

The parade is Saturday, July 18 at 11 am. Join the thousands of spectators lining Queen Street to marvel at our city’s creativity. The parade begins at Pim St. and ends at Gore St.

More information on the parade, this year’s theme, and the application can be found at www.rotaryfest.com or by calling the Rotary office at 705-945-1279. If you are an active participant (or hope to be!) and want to receive an annual parade theme announcement notification, you can sign up for our email list here: http://eepurl.com/bmto11

Costume example