Opinion: It Must Come Down


IMG_4556Monday night city hall determined that a house at 235 Kingsford Road must come down. They say that the structure has been an eyesore and safety hazard for 30 years. The older gentleman that owns the house has apparently tried to fix the house and clean up the property but it has taken more time than city hall is satisfied with.

On the agenda they had pictures of the house and property from April 28th. I went over there and took some updated photos and the property has improved since that date. They intend on spending $54,000 to clear the property and demolish the house. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend less money to clean the yard and leave the structure whole so that this “older” gentleman has a place to live. Whatever happened to help thy brother?


Do you think that he is in arrears of taxes or that city hall is afraid that he is going to fall in arrears and that made the decision easier.

I didn’t take photos of the back yard because apparently no one was home but judging from the photos that they took, they certainly took them from an angle that would make people think, “oh my God, tear it down.”
The house itself looks in good condition with seemingly new siding. He has planted a shrub and flowers in the front yard and it also looks like he has put a new power source leading into the house.


What would it take for City Hall to send a crew out to his place to clean it up instead of tearing it down, definitely less than $54,000? What would it take for the complaining neighbours and their councillor to also go and help this gentleman out?

What does it take to help one’s brother, especially one as old as he is.




    There is now a Facebook group Search HOPE 4 HUMANITY
    PLEASE add yourself and friends Site is updated regularly this elder deserves to keep his home! SO many great folks on board already WE can make this happen!

  2. So quick to spend budget on anything but what’s needed. And to the neighbours that may have called the city on this poor man. It may be a bit of an eyesore, but is that anything compared to dealing with the thought of leaving a man homeless? Don’t you think it would be more of an eyesore leaving nothing but an empty, beat down piece of property where nobody will live or develop for several years. Think about your actions and what the reactions could be. Idiots.

    • That is an eyesore? Go down next to the steel plant. Like seriously this looks great compared to some places near there or Jamestown. This is just a case of city council assholes. If the owner wants it to collapse on him, let it. I could post pictures today of other places which are in worse condition.

  3. It’s difficult to arrive at an opinion based on the scant facts of this story, which are:
    • this house has been an eyesore and a safety hazard for 30 years
    • the owner has attempted to affect repairs over the years, but not to the satisfaction of the city

    Beyond that, Mr Caruso states the house “looks in good condition” but the photos show patches and incomplete waterproofing of the concrete foundation walls.

    I’m thinking that there must be more to the story than just the house being an eyesore and complaints by a few neighbours if the City is prepared to demolish the house.

  4. Let this gentleman keep his home. It is not just a house. It is his home. Where are the people of the Soo? Neighbours get together. Have a work weekend. Ask the local hardware stores to contribute odds and ends of lumber. What is the telling us about society ? Are we that callous. Pay it forward. I will offer to help. Starts with one person. Living in sudbury , we help our neighbours. Shame shame Sooittes

  5. Sickening!! My building is in far worse condition than this house!! Wtf?! What a sad city we live in when they are so quick to tear this house down…leaving an elderly man homeless! I can point out 20 places in a 2 block radius of where I live… including my building. ..that they can tear down if they’re feeling “destructive”!

  6. My wife and I had to stand back and loose a house it was not fun or nice we had to push back some plans and it made a lot of stress but we had two good things on our side my dad who helped us get another one and we are young enough to start all over again by the sound of it this man does’t have either so Guy Gioventu has a lot of carpenter and roofing skills and Annette Currie has some connection maybe the paper work skills to get him some type of help but not sure i”m just assuming Annette (: . I know a lot about clean up not much to know lol so if some people can get one weekend together and and help im in. So some one should make a group page and see what happens.

    • How about base line to mr. Frank Manso’s house which is just as run down and has more scrap cars then the local scrap yards. Oh wait he was one of them and Oh wait how about the old northern brewery’s hundred of thousands owned to the city in back taxes, a definite safety issue and talk about a hug eye sore in the centre of our town. No one should have the wright to destroy anyone else’s property. As far as safety goes it’s not your property so don’t go near the house and you won’t get hurt. If the city tears this down they better look long and hard at themselves.

  7. First I have this to say this property is far from being as bad as a lot of property’s in the downtown area , CLOWN COUNCIL and i’m trying to be nice calling them that should just maybe go after the SLUM LORDS of this community taking our tax dollars and dishing it out in WELFARE TO THE SLUM LORDS AS RENT .
    I own a business and the building next door is probably the worst living conditions that someone could live in if it rains outside it POURS inside yet this SLUM LORD STILL GETS HIS RENT CHECK FROM WELFARE EVERY MONTH .
    This story is a sad thing and I will challenge a LAWYER to take and represent this property owner if it goes that far as I for 1 would be more then willing to throw some money into a fund for this said property owner to be represented properly instead of being bullied by a CIRCUS ACT yes that is directed to the CLOWN COUNCIL

  8. Let this man live his last years in peace and to be stress free. This city has bigger problems to worry about. How about donating that money else where for example, or fix bigger problems that need fixing. Just a thought

  9. This home should be one of the least of the citys worries. Instead of wasting the tax payers money to have a discussion to come to such a ridiculous conclusion the money could have been spent to help the elderly gentleman clean up his yard. Ta da!!! Problem solved… and just to clarify I am not a rocket scientist.

    • Annette, my name is Faith Hackney. After reading this story I wasn’t able to sleep so I wrote the gentleman a letter and went to his home yesterday with my friend Lebertine Wilson. We spoke with the owner and he is willing to accept any and all help he can get to clean up his home, yard, and fix all repairs that are needed. We met with Richard Delorenzi, whom has agreed to help out the owner and write a letter to city hall stating we are in the process of getting this man help. I am also in the process of starting a facebook page to be able to gather contractors and people to help. I also spoke with Mike Caruso, who wrote the story, and he suggested we have a meeting with a few of the initial people who are coming together to help. From comment on here I believe we could use you help. Please contact me so we can get together and brainstorm ideas and make lists and contact service providers willing to help. My email is [email protected], I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. I truly understand the point of helping those in need, however, when it comes to this, the city must take into account setting a precedent. They spend money to help THIS ‘old’ gentleman, then who else decides that they would be deserving of city money to help their “eyesore” properties. If the property is worn and unsafe, the city makes a better point spending the money to tear it down, stating, “care for your property or it must be demolished,” rather than, “care for your property or we will spend city money to fix it up.”

  11. Let the older gentleman live his life with dignity! Help him instead of tearing this down! Elder’s don’t get very much on their pension to begin with, so how do you expect him to fix this overnight? Is it better to just tear it down and see him out on the street? As long as you all have a comfortable mansion to live in, what do you care? Too much. Have some compassion!!!!!!

  12. I for one think that would be a grand idea . Spend less money . Our world our city has come to this. I would be willing to lend a hand to help this poor old gentleman to save his house.
    Jump at every chance to make the less fortunate of our city suffer . This has and will be his way of life . I know of alot more eye sores in our city that need to be demolished long before an citizens home . Time to get our asses together and help our elders and less fortunate of our city

  13. I for one think that would be a grand idea . Spend less money . Our world our city has come to this. I would be willing to lend a hand to help this poor old gentleman to save his house.
    Jump at every chance to make the less fortunate of our city suffer . This has and will be he way of life . I know of alot more eye sores in our city that need to be demolished lngt before an citizens home . Time to get our asses together and help our elders and less fortunate of our city .

  14. The city should come and do something about the house next door to me, this house is a beauty compared to the one I have to look at every day…..I’ve called a few times and I don’t even get a response, sad!!

    • Shingles coming off roof onto my property, siding coming off, windows broken at back of house, deck sinking, trees growing from underneath house touching my property, carport ready to fall over,….disgusting to see. I called last summer the city and nothing was done, I’m in Ward 5 and call one fellow….says he will look at the place and let me know whats up, never seen or heard from him and that was almost one month ago.

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