Prescription Eye Glasses Found in Romulus MI

Letter to the Editor

A SaultOnline Reader from Romulus Michigan reached to us with the following message in hopes of returning this person’s prescription glasses:

About two weeks ago, some older gentleman came into my work at the Marathon gas station in Romulus, MI. I believe he had purchased gas and ice cream. Awhile later, he had came back inside the store and asked if anybody had returned glasses to the front counter. Which, nobody had then. He then told us that he was blind on the left side of each eye and that his glasses are specially made for him and without them, he cannot see right. He said he lives in CANADA and before we could get his number, he had left. Later that day, someone had turned them into us.


Now everytime I come into work, I see these glasses and wonder if that gentleman is okay without them. Maybe if we share this post, it may get back to this man or his family.