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Prime Cuts Meat & Deli

Prime Cuts Meat & DeliAs Christie, a member of Prime Cuts Meats and Deli staff was posting specials to  social media, the local business was filling up with costumers. Prime Cuts has been a Sault Ste. Marie ‘go-to’ place for all things meats for over 27 years. Dedication to select meat grades and high quality has been the foundation for the success of Prime Cuts. In 2013, Nick Tatasciore purchased the business from Benny Caputo. Nick continues the legacy of this locally owned business, where friendly customer service, terrific selection, and quality foods are a priority.

“We offer all Canadian meat selections.” said Nick Tatasciore “Prime Cuts meats are graded at Double A (AA) or higher.”  These ‘meaty’ terms are explained this way. ‘The four Canada A/AA/AAA/Prime grades are the highest quality Canadian grades and represented 88% of all graded beef in Canada. To distinguish between A, AA, AAA, and Prime graded beef, the grader evaluates the level of marbling.’ ( source

Prime Cuts Meat & DeliIf Cheese is your thing, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love cheese), there are over 100 possibilities, representing Canadian and European cheeses. “Gluten-free food choices has seen a steady rise in sales at Prime Cuts” said Nick.”We carry a wide selection of gluten free pastas, BBQ sauces, Deli meats and more” adding “Customers are the important part of Prime cuts and I can respond to things they’re looking for.” There are well over 100 different types of pasta at Prime Cuts Meats and Deli. Pickled Eggplant, Antipasto, Olives, Sauces, interesting gourmet crackers and other gourmet foods. These things and much more can be found at the store location, Northern Ave. at Sackville Rd. I have it on good authority that a certain individual gets all of her European throat lozenges and other candied delicacies from the Gourmet Grocery selection at Prime Cuts.

Prime Cuts Meat & DeliAll the sausage is store made fresh every day. Including one called maple bacon breakfast sausage, which is a Nick Tatasciore original. “The stuffed pork chops are a customer favourite. In the Fall, wild game hunters can bring their game to Prime Cuts for ‘cut and wrap’. I’ve done (cut and wrapped) moose,elk,deer,bear here  Getting the game ready for a hunter’s  freezer.”

From store-made hamburger patties to top grade cuts of roasts,and porchetta, pork chops, butterfly chops, stuffed pork chops, a person who likes meat will be right at home.

Prime Cuts is about to launch a Cookbook. “The recipes are customer favourites, and has been put together based on their requests and frequently-asked-questions.” Stay tuned for an update on when the cookbook officially launches at Prime Cuts.

“Christie posts specials and BBQ tips and other things throughout the year to the Facebook Page and website.” shared Nick

Prime Cuts Meat & Deli

If ever there was a place to ‘meat-up’, Prime Cuts Meats and Deli has you covered. The fellow in the red bowtie cutting meat, and his staff of 10 invite  you to come on in. Like Prime Cuts on Facebook, and/ or visit the website (links posted below) for continually updated specials.

Supporting local business is an economic driver in our community. Prime Cuts Meats and Deli continues to bring high quality foods, friendly customer service and a tremendous selection of gourmet foods for a table near you. Anyone else craving a medium rare sirloin steak right now? Meat ya there.

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Editors Note:

Having been in business myself here in the Sault since 1989, it’s awesome to see new generations of entrepreneurs follow in the footsteps of many local business people who devoted their entire lives to building and supporting our Community. A sincere thank you to Nick and his team for all their support during our first year, we couldn’t have done it without you!!! – Bruce Clement and the entire team at

You can visit Prime Cuts online at and take a minute to like them on their Facebook Page