Show Your Smile!


This week, May 11-17, is National Nursing week – and the Group Health Centre (GHC) is taking this opportunity to launch a fun way to send your thanks to the nurses in your life.

“share YOUR smile” – a new feature on the Group Health Centre website – gives patients an opportunity to send a message of appreciation to doctors, nurses and other staff members at GHC. Whether someone “made your day” by holding a door or helping you find your way, or was with you “every step of the way” while you received care – this is your chance to say “thanks”.

Visit to write your message.

National Nursing week is celebrated every year on the week of Florence Nightingale’s birthday – May 12th. This year’s national theme, “Nurses: with you every step of the way,” emphasizes how important nurses are in our lives – at every age, in all health situations.

With more than 408,000 regulated nurses in Canada – 120 at GHC alone – nurses are the backbone of our health system. Pina Paluzzi, an Operational Manager at GHC with a Masters in Nursing, explained: “Nurses are critical to the Canadian Health Care System. At the Group Health Centre, nurses deliver, facilitate, direct, and triage care. Without nursing, our health care teams would be left with an unmanageable gap in care delivery.”

Paluzzi went on to say, “Regardless of the model or process of delivering patient care across Canada, nurses are a constant. Whether you visit a Primary Care office, Walk-in Clinic, or a Hospital – you really do encounter nursing care ‘at every step’.”

President and CEO, Alex Lambert, added, “Occasions like National Nursing Week are a great opportunity for GHC patients and colleagues to express our gratitude toward the people we always appreciate but don’t always remember to thank.”

The Group Health Centre was established in 1963, and currently serves over 71,000 Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District residents.