Sneak Peek: Mere Hours Away!

Tim Hortons Trunk Road

SaultOnline had an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the newly renovated Tim Hortons on Trunk Road earlier today. There was a frenzy of last minute activity as contractors were putting last minute finishing touches on the interior and testing various equipment and systems.

Tim Hortons Trunk Road
Fireplace & Lounge Seating

In addition to the significant renovations to the exterior, the entire inside of the restaurant was gutted and renovated to the latest Tim Hortons format which includes a more casual seating area, complete with a lounge area accented with a fireplace.

The temporary mobile restaurant will be removed from the location tomorrow around 10am and patrons will again be welcomed in to experience the brand new atmosphere. Other than the recent Blind River rebuild, the Trunk Road location is the first here in the Sault to transition to the new format.

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