The Community Events Calendar… Improved!!!

Community Events Calendar

With the Community Events Calendar becoming ever more popular, we decided to gather all the great comments and suggestions received to date to make it even better! But before I fill you in on the improvements and new features now available, I’d like to go on record to dispel one of the most common statements I’ve heard over the past four decades growing up and living here in the twin Sault areas (yes I’m getting older).

The next time you hear someone say “there’s nothing to do in the Soo…”, simply direct them to where there are literally hundreds of upcoming events currently listed in the Community Events Calendar.

What’s even more surprising is that despite a SaultOnline Team Member who devotes her entire day to tracking down events to give them the exposure they deserve, she’s barely even scratching the surface. From indoor and outdoor sports to dining and entertainment, there are literally dozens of events happening every day. Something bound to peak almost everyone’s interests.

As the word about the Community Events Calendar has spread, it wasn’t long before we started receiving emails with event submissions, and subsequently via the “Contribute Form”,  found on the main menu.

Well we’re proud to announce we’ve now made event submissions even easier!!!

Introducing the New & Improved Community Events Calendar

Community Events Calendar

Month, Week and Day Views
Colour coded event categories
Filter events by category/interest
Submit and manage your own events
Location listings with future events


New Improved Layout and Features

In addition to the mini calendar and 10 most recent events posted on the home page, there is now a navigation item in the main menu bar which will bring you to the new Community Events Calendar (Main Menu: EVENTSCOMMUNITY CALENDAR). The new full screen calendar displays up to 10 events on each day, colour coded by interest. By simply hovering you mouse pointer over an event, a summary of the event will be displayed and for complete details simply click on it to be taken to the event’s page.

You can also choose to display only the events which interest you by using the drop down category selector on the top left of the calendar. Additionally, you can choose to display the calendar by Month, Week or Day using the buttons on the top right. For days where there are more than 10 events, a “More Events…” button will appear allowing you to simply click for a complete listing of events on that date. No more scrolling through an ever ending list of events!

TIP… the mini calendar on the home page also allows you to click on a date for a complete list of events happening on that day.

Submit and Manage Your Own Events

Event organizers can now post and manage their own submissions in the new Community Events Calendar. There are absolutely no costs involved and all that is required is your name and contact info to create a profile to get started. If you are a Facebook user it’s even easier, simply use your existing Facebook login and profile on SaultOnline. Why not give your events the exposure they deserve to help make them an even greater success?!

How to Get Started:

Simply create a profile on SaultOnline using our quick registration form or your existing Facebook login. It takes less than a minute and the only information required is your name and an email address you would like to use. Both the “Registration and Login/Logout” navigation items can be found in the top main menu bar (Main Menu: CONTRIBUTE… LOGIN/LOGOUT or REGISTER).

Community Events Calendar
Expand the CONTRIBUTE menu item then select REGISTER or LOGIN.

Upon registering, you will be sent a link to the email address you provided in order to verify its you and not a bot attempting to spam the site. Once your profile is successfully activated, you will be able to access the “Add/Edit Events” page from either the “EVENTS” or “CONTRIBUTE” menu items found in the top main menu bar.

The “Add/Edit Events” page will allow you to submit new events as well as provide a listing of any events you previously submitted to allow any modifications you may wish to make after submission. New submissions are subject to review and once approved will be posted to the Community Events Calendar, usually within a few hours. (another necessary step to avoid spamming)

Add & Manage Events
Add and Manage your event listings.

TIP… use the search tool (found on the top left of every page) or check the Community Events Calendar prior to submitting an event to avoid duplicate event postings, we may have already posted the event for you 🙂

The new Community Events calendar offers you a number of great features to help make your event listings stand out. Recurring events, feature image (best scaled to 620px by 330px), predefined locations, Google maps, HTML formatting and more.

A bit about locations… if the location of your event has previously been entered by either the SaultOnline Team or another organizer, simply typing the name in the location field will retrieve the location details as well as the Google Map. In the event the location is not found, simply fill in the correct address details and a the Google map will be generated. Once your event is submitted the location will now be available to everyone for use moving forward.

There is also another great feature available for organizers when planning events. By navigating to “Locations” from the top main menu bar (Main Menu: EVENTSLOCATIONS) and searching for a location, you can access the location’s page. A list of upcoming events will be displayed which may aid in planning your new events. NOTE: This most likely isn’t a complete listing of events for a location/venue. Always contact the location/venue to verify availability.

A few last things:

  • if you’d like to make modifications to an event which we may have posted for you, simply send an email to [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to transfer the event to your profile
  • if you plan to submit events on a regular basis and would like to bypass the submission review step, send us an email to [email protected] to introduce yourself. Once we have verified who you are we can increase your access level which will allow immediate posting of events and modifications moving forward
  • spread the word… share, like and pass along!
  • lastly, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time for assistance… we are always eager to help out!!! – powered by a Naturally Gifted Community