Celebrating a Milestone


20150508_120128It’s a lovely thing when a vision, with an eye towards community development comes together. The Gore Street Neighbourhood Resource Centre, in Sault’s downtown west, is celebrating its’ one year anniversary. By the looks of the folks who came out to celebrate this achievement, the centre has been embraced, encouraged, supported and generally undertaken, as a necessary and well used hub of activity.

A mom of three, named Kathleen, began volunteering at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC) in September 2014, through a connection made via Ontario Works. Kathleen’s volunteer placement is long since finished, but she has continued to volunteer at NRC. “On Thurdays Dr. McLean runs a Drop-In Clinic here(3 – 7 pm). The clinic is a very good thing for people living in this area.” adding “My children enjoy coming here, and they have a safe space to hang out.”


20150508_120609The Superior Family Health Team, has in fact, been quietly working away to build an outreach medical programme at the NRC location. Dr. McLean spoke to the community development project that inspired the Drop-In Clinic currently running at NRC on Thursdays. “In late November, we began an outreach initiative, as part of Superior Family Health Team. We saw that we could fill a need in this neighbourhood, and build a collaborative health team at NRC .So much of our health and wellness, and the determinants of health are wrapped up in socio-economics. Being down here, we’re in touch with local agencies who are providing support in areas like housing, mental health, substance abuse and counselling. Last night, we saw 19 people in the clinic” Dr. McLean shared insight into one story where collaboration worked to support a homeless man. “By being down here, we learned that a homeless gentleman needed health care quite badly. He needed medical tests done. By reaching out to various individuals, through connections made at NRC, we were able to support this gentleman. No one said ‘no, I can’t do that’.”

Dr. and Sue McLean, together with Nurse Practitioners, and Superior Family Health Team’s Exec. Director Michelle Brisbois, offer Superior Family Health Drop-In Clinic on Thursdays from 3-7 pm. Nurse Practitioners run the clinic every second Thursday, Doc McLean is at NRC on the other two Thursdays each month.


Sue McLean, a nurse with Superior Family Health Team shared “There is much we have learned about the people who live here (downtown west)and how many collaborations can and do take place. By being here, through the clinic, we have a better understanding to some of the conditions that people live within. What agencies are in town. We have much more knowledge as to what is available for people.” adding “What I see is people taking ownership and pride in the neighbourhood.”

The Gore Street Neighbourhood Resource Centre is open Monday – Friday.
located at 138 Gore St. Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario. Happy 1st Anniversary NRC.
For more information about NRC visit



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