Two in a Row for HSCDSB

Jaydon Deluca
Jaydon Deluca

For the second year in a row, a student from St. Theresa Catholic Elementary School has been named to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC).

Jaydon Deluca, a Grade 8 student, follows in the footsteps of Sarah Laurin in becoming one of sixty members of the MSAC which gives a student perspective to Ontario’s Minister of Education on issues involving the education system.  He is the third Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) student in four years to be named to the MSAC.  Jaydon being from the same school as last year’s HSCDSB representative is extremely rare as up to 600 applications from across the province are received each year.

“His application was so strong and his passion came through in it and in the Speak Up project he was involved in earlier this year.  He got their attention and I guess they felt they couldn’t say no to him just because he was from the same school,” said teacher/mentor, Wayne Greco.

Jaydon says he was prompted to apply to the MSAC because of what Sarah brought back to the school last year.  He wanted to put forth ideas about the incorporation of technology in all aspects of school life: “I was interested in making a change in our school board because there are so many things that adults can’t picture in their mind because today’s society is so different.  I want to work more with technology because that can bring us to great heights and teach people more, particularly kids with disabilities,” said Deluca.

“In high school, there are lots of students who don’t have the Internet and teachers think that everyone has it nowadays.  I don’t have the Internet at home, so I have to take that extra step to get all my research done, so that brings an extra level of work,” added Deluca.

The MSAC meets twice as an entire group during each term and virtual council meetings take place throughout the school year.  Members are encouraged to give student perspectives on educational issues and policies and give feedback on Ministry of Education student engagement activities and communications strategies.

“We are very proud of this exceptional accomplishment.  It’s amazing that two students from St. Theresa School in consecutive years have been given the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful experience that allows them to express themselves.  It makes us feel that the student voice is really active and the leadership in this school with the teachers in the past and present have contributed to their confidence and self-esteem,” said St. Theresa Principal, Linda Pozzebon.

“Congratulations to Jaydon and the staff at St. Theresa.  This is a tremendous achievement and it speaks well for our Board as we strive to help each student reach their full potential and create the Catholic leaders of tomorrow,” said HSCDSB Director of Education, John Stadnyk.

Deluca has already begun his term on the MSAC, having participated in the council’s first meeting last week in Toronto.