A Summer Party. Filipino-Canadian Style


20150628_165204A festival of food, fellowship and fun took place at Bellevue Park Pavilion area on Sunday, June 28th, 2015. Upward of 75 people from within the Filipino-Canadian community gathered together for the 2nd Annual Summer Party. Folks traveled from as far away as Wawa, Ontario to attend the celebration of culture and family.

20150628_161753The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day where games-playing, dancing and food were offered, organized and enjoyed by everyone.

Roberto Rivera could be a professional party planner, judging by the decorations and activities he led for all in attendance. Roberto has lived in Canada now for 10 years, having emigrated from The Philippines. He is married to Pam (Duncan), and is the father of two children, Duncan (age 9 years) and Danica (age 6 years). Bringing together folks from the Filipino-Canadian community is a labour of love for him. Norie Tapiru-Cormack was also part of the organizing crew, warmly welcoming everyone, encouraging all to get involved in the games, and to try all of the amazing food.

One of the foods offered on Sunday was Roberto’s ‘Pan de Sal’, a distinctly Filipino bread/roll which has a subtle sweet flavour. ‘Pan de Sal’ is dusted with breadcrumbs before baking, and is a staple in Filipino communities. It is delicious. The pot-luck style food offered was diverse and plentiful. As one of the gals attending shared “There is always a lot of food at Filipino-Canadian parties.” From fresh fruit and fruit flan, cookies, and sweet sticky rice cake, Canada Day cakes, to lumpia (spring rolls), Empanadas, Bistek Tagalog, Pancit Luglug, Kaiderata, Smoked Fish and Chicken adobo, a person was treated to fabulous food.


The young people and adults alike, enjoyed several different games. Water Balloon toss and Balloon Relay was a favourite of the youngsters. A Clay pot ‘Pinada’ had the children taking turns to break it open. Two traditional Filipino Dances, ‘Bulaklakan’ (Flower Dance) and ‘Tinikling’ (Bamboo Dance) were on display as some of the party-goers took part in this energetic display of rhythm and athleticism.

The 2nd Annual Filipino-Canadian Summer Party was indeed a success. Thank you to The Rivera and Duncan families for inviting saultonline.com to come and join in the fun, the food, and the wonderful fellowship found within the Filipino-Canadian community of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


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