ADSB bids farewell to two exceptional Student Trustees

left to right: Superintendent Asima Vezina, Maya Werner (CASS), Madison MacLachlan (SHCVS) and Chair Jennifer Sarlo.

Maya Werner from Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) and Madison MacLachlan of Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational School (SHCVS) were thanked and acknowledged at the Board meeting on June 16th for their exceptional service as Student Trustees for the 2014 / 2015 school year.

Together they continued to oversee the ADSB Student Senate (established in 2006/07). They took a leadership role in promoting Project ABCD (Action for Build a Community that is Drug-free) and this year brought the initiative to the community through two hugely successful events: ABCD Bon Soo Olympics and #YOUTHESOO. Maya and Madison played significant roles in planning and organizing both events as well as representing the ADSB student voice and acting as ADSB ambassadors with local, national and international partners. Their professionalism, poise and insights were praised by ADSB Board Chair Jennifer Sarlo and Director Lucia Reece. Madison and Maya will officially complete their terms on July 31, 2015.

Applications for the 2015 / 2016 Student Trustees were invited from ADSB secondary schools and an election was held by the Student Senate on June 8, 2015. On June 16th the Algoma District School Board approved the appointment of Student Trustee Mackenzie Hulme from Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) for the 2015 / 2016 school year and Olivia Keenan from Superior Heights Collegiate.

Seated: Current ADSB Student Trustees Maya Werner (CASS) and Madison MacLachlan (SHCVS) will finish their term on July 31st.  Standing: 2015/2016 Student Trustees are Mackenzie Hulme (CASS) and Olivia Keenan (SHCVS) will being their term on August 1st.
Seated: Current ADSB Student Trustees Maya Werner (CASS) and Madison MacLachlan (SHCVS) will finish their term on July 31st.
Standing: 2015/2016 Student Trustees are Mackenzie Hulme (CASS) and Olivia Keenan (SHCVS) will being their term on August 1st.

Mackenzie Hulme
This September Mackenzie will be going into Grade 11 at CASS. She has been a student with the ADSB since Junior Kindergarten, attending St. Joseph Island Public School and CASS. Mackenzie has been a Page for the Ontario Provincial Parliament and one of her highlights was being chosen as Page Leader for the day. In this capacity she oversaw her fellow pages both in and outside of the chamber. Mackenzie has also been a participant at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC).

She is looking forward to the opportunity to represent ADSB as a Student Trustee because “I am very proud of the accomplishments the whole Board has made and the accomplishments I have made with the help of the Board and its staff.” As a regular babysitter for a family with a child in Senior Kindergarten who recently was awarded the Student of the Month Certificate, Mackenzie noted the positive impact the Student of the Month program can have on a child. “I have been his babysitter for five years and I have never seen him so excited. Seeing him that happy made me proud of him and our school board for putting such an inspiring program (in place)…”

Mackenzie will represent District schools in her capacity as Student Trustee.

Olivia Keenan
Olivia will be going into Grade 11 at Superior Heights in September. Currently Olivia is actively involved in her school and hopes to remain just as involved in Grade 11 and 12. This year she has been a representative on Student Council, a Student Senate member, a member of the school’s ABCD Committee and a Link Crew leader. Olivia has also been chosen as a representative on the Mayor’s Student Advisory Council. According to her principal, she is a visible presence at all school events and always willing to lend a helping hand.

She believes her school involvement will have a positive impact on her ability to connect with students. “Being involved in these clubs I am able to reach a wide variety of students who have many different outlooks and ideas about what they want their education to look like. I would be able to get ideas and suggestions from all perspectives and bring them forward to the Board table. I am very passionate about making a difference in our school and community. I am also eager to collaborate with other students and members of the Board. This would ensure that the voices of students are not only heard across the Board but their voices and opinions are taken into consideration when planning events and campaigns.”

As a Student Trustee Olivia will represent Sault Ste. Marie schools.
Olivia and Mackenzie’s terms will officially begin on August 1, 2015.