AHU Open Letter To The Public

Letter to the Editor

Open letter to the public from the Sault Association of Ratepayers

It is well past the time for the Algoma Health Unit board to release the complete KPMG audit in order to provide full disclosure behind the hiring of a convicted criminal as the interim chief financial officer.
This is very poor management on the part of all members of AHU’s Board and management, particularly after the fiasco with the last financial officer.

AHU’ s board and management team are not members of a private club or business or secret society, It is totally, i.e. 100 per cent funded by all taxpayers on both provincial and municipal levels. This means the board should be held responsible for everything management does and has done.

Kudos to the Sault’s MPP, the Hon. David Orazietti for calling for a Ministerial Audit and Mayor Christian Provenzano for requesting the full KPMG audit and offering to attend an AHU board meeting in order to obtain more information directly from its members.

Thanks as well to Doug Millroy and Elaine Della-Mattia for bringing this story out to all Saultites.
This story has to come out in full. We citizens have seen enough smokes screens being put out by APH.
Some APH Board members & management were involved with the Public Utilities Commission in selling a building for a proposed Grow Operation. It may have been squeaky clean but at the very least all these facts need to be revealed for the public.

Therefore to further our elected officials call for open accountability on this matter, organizers of the SSMAR will be circulating a petition seeking the community’s support for the release of the KPMG audit report and all pertinent information.

If you would like to participate in the collection of the petition please e mail SSMAR at [email protected] for a printable copy.

David Poluck
Volunteer Organizer, Communications
Sault Association of Ratepayers
[email protected]


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