Aviva Canada Teams Up With OPP To Comfort Distressed Children

Community Bear Program

Community Bear ProgramThe Ontario Provincial Police and Aviva Canada Inc. have teamed up to comfort distressed children. If there are truly those who can be called innocent victims, it is the children who fall victim to tragic circumstances. The Community Bears are a gift that is given by officers, to the children in distress as a means of comforting them and forming a bond between the child and the officer.

Thanks to the generous support of corporate sponsor Aviva Canada In., the OPP has equipped its cruisers with special black and white teddy bears under the Community Bear Program.

With the support of Aviva Canada, the “Community Bear” program is now on daily patrol in more than 1,600 of the Ontario Provincial Police’s fleet of black and white cruisers across Ontario.

When OPP officers are investigating a situation involving small children, a Community Bear may be gifted to a child to help them get through a traumatic experience, giving them something positive to focus on.

“The black and white bear helps us be there for children of tragic circumstances” shares A/Inspector Richard Riopelle.

For more information, helpful resources and to read about the positive impact this awesome program has made, visit www.opp.ca/ecms/index.php?id=525