Canadian Revenue Scam Going Around


Police would like to warn Sault Ste Marie residents of a telephone scam. Callers identify themselves as Canada Revenue Agency investigators and inform the victim they owe back taxes.

They are fraudulently warned if they do not pay the back taxes they will be given a court date or arrested. The callers indicate the victim must obtain a prepaid credit card while they wait on their cell phone.

The fraudsters then demand the PIN and credit card number and immediately remove the cash from the card. There have been several complaints made to the City Police regarding this telephone fraud.


  1. I have read so many complaints about this CRA scams since years ago online at Twitter, blogs, or sites, and they still exist until now! Just a little suggestion, don’t ever send any money to someone over the phone. Also, don’t give out any personal or financial information via phone calls, ever! Report every suspicious number directly to police department after you received their calls.

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