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Since creating the Facebook Group “Sault Ste. Marie Job Shop” several weeks ago, Karen Westrope has watched the group’s membership jump from dozens, to hundreds and now into the thousands. In a city where there is approximately one person out of work for every person working (for a variety of reasons such as unemployed, retired or simply not able to work) it was quite obvious that her efforts were very much welcomed in the Community. There were even several successful connections made within days.

Who is Karen Westrope you’re wondering? Well Karen moved to the Sault from Southern Ontario about 4 years ago when her husband landed a new position in his field as a millright. She immediately began her own search for employment and to this day has yet to obtain a position in her field. What field is that you ask? Well here’s where we have an opportunity to inject a bit of irony into this story… she has over 13 years of seasoned experience as a HR Recruitment & Selection Specialist!

As a loyal SaultOnline viewer, Karen has been quite active on the Sault’s newest and fastest growing online media site by using her social media networks to help spread all the great efforts that happen in our Community, pretty much on a daily basis. So a few weeks ago when Karen reached out to see if we could assist with her efforts in some way, it was a no brainer to step up and support such a great cause.

Our first priority, overcome the limitations she was experiencing hosting her concept in a Facebook Group. Together, Karen and our development team worked feverishly over the past few weeks to create a platform right here on SaultOnline along with a suite of valuable resources to help both employers and employment seekers alike. The results:

  • Employer submitted Job Listings – manageable through an Employer Dashboard
  • Volunteer Opportunities (great for students looking to fill required hours and organizations needing assistance)
  • Online Resumes – employment seekers can upload and manage their resumes from the Candidate Dashboard and employers can browse for suitable candidates to fill positions
  • Employers can create an online application or simply provide a link to an existing one
  • Candidates can apply for opportunities using a simple form, attach a resume and even use their Linkedin profile
  • Both employers and employment seekers can bookmark listings and even add notes
  • Job alerts via email
  • Integration with Indeed to increase opportunity exposure!

Are you as excited as we are? Well simply head on over to “JobShop” on the main navigation menu to get started!!! Don’t need a job or career at the moment… you can still help out by sharing on your social networks to spread the word.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to email Karen at [email protected]

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Please Note: We are in the soft launch phase… if you encounter a glitch, bug or any other anomaly, please do not hesitate to send the support team an email including any information you feel could help us out. Were you using a desktop or mobile device? What browser are you using (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)?


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