Debbie Could be the Poster Child

ADSB Director Lucia Reece (left) and Chair Jennifer Sarlo (right) present retiring Principal Debbie Kent with Principal Emeritus certificate.

Retiring Principal Debbie Kent was acknowledged at Tuesday night’s board meeting and was presented Principal Emeritus. Debbie is the Principal of Queen Elizabeth Public School in Sault Ste Marie.

It has been said that Debbie could be the poster child for Algoma District School Board’s (ADSB) character attributes. She is humble, demonstrates grace under fire, is always willing to listen and help others even when multiple issues are pressing in around her. Debbie demonstrates integrity in every situation. She has always been conscientious of how her decisions or leadership impacts others, yet she is willing to make the tough calls that are sometimes needed. Debbie can always laugh at herself in any situation that may need some stress relief and always leaves students and staff feeling positive after their interaction.

Debbie is always willing to try something new and embraces all initiatives with such a positive attitude which motivates all those she has worked with. Debbie is the lead learner and is not afraid to take on tough jobs or make mistakes. Integrity is always at the forefront of her decisions and she is always willing to listen and develop new perspectives.

Debbie will always be remembered for her non-tiring commitment to creating a beautiful playground for the students at Queen Elizabeth Public School while remembering and honouring Scott Vernelli. Her kindness is unsurpassed and her relentless advocacy for putting children first will be her legacy.

Chair Jennifer Sarlo and Director Lucia Reece congratulated Debbie on her retirement and thanked her for her professionalism and insight over the years.