Facts about Canada, by the numbers


On July 1, Canada marks its 148th birthday. Here are 10 other numbers that illustrate some notable Canadian facts.

4 – the number of Canadian provinces on the day of Confederation

9 – Canadians who have travelled to space

12 – Academy Awards given to National Film Board productions

17 – UNESCO world heritage sites (with 7 more listed as tentative)

35 – Years “O Canada” has been the official national anthem (July 1, 1980)

57 – Canadian-born celebrities with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

308 – Seats currently in the House of Commons

338 – Seats in the House of Commons after this year’s federal election

8,892 – Length (in kilometres) of the border between Canada and the United States (the world’s longest international boundary)

35,141,542 – Canada’s population as of April 2013

(Sources include: Canadian Space Agency; National Film Board website; UNESCO; Walkoffame.com; Statistics Canada; The Canadian Press)