Hair’s To You Wig Fundraising Event & Show


For years, Sault College’s Hairstyling program has touched the lives of those that have been affected by hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.  As a commitment to our community, the Hairstyling Program provides a caring, supportive and respectful environment and service to men, women and children in our community who are living with cancer and subsequent hair loss.

As a complimentary service to cancer patients, Sault College’s Hairstyling program provides consultation and fittings to select the perfect wig for patients to borrow/take home. In addition to a free wig, students and staff provide ongoing maintenance inclusive of wig cleaning, sanitization and personalized styling so patients can begin to feel like themselves again.

Sault College’s wig supply is always in need of new or used wigs for people in treatment from the cancer clinic. In June of each year, students and faculty have been dedicated to raising awareness and much needed funds for visiting patients.

This year, members of Sault College Hairstylist-Hairdressing program will officially kick-off its Hair’s To You fundraising campaign with a Dinner and Wig Fashion Show at the Grand Gardens on Tuesday, June 16, beginning with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. (cash bar) dinner at 6:15p.m.  Tickets are $35 per person, and the event has been sold-out.

“The College realizes the tremendous importance of community outreach and the impact of such connections. Sault College’s Hair’s to You program is honoured to assist local cancer patients and their families in this way,” notes Debbie Dunseath, Coordinator and Professor in the Hairstyling diploma program. “When something so shocking and personal as hair loss happens in the lives of cancer patients, it could take years mentally and emotionally to heal. Wigs can cost anywhere between $250 for a synthetic wig to $1,200 for human hair. Our goal with this wig show is to purchase new wigs for men, women and children and other types of headwear to assist those living with cancer. We are grateful to be able to help with this empowering initiative.”

Feeling good about oneself has been shown to help speed the healing process and recovery period while dealing with cancer. Most of the patients visiting Sault College’s Hairstyling program Salon are referred by the cancer clinic. Yet, no monies are allotted for patients requiring wigs.  As a certified non-profit organization operating at Sault College with tax-deductible receipts given for any donation over twenty dollars, Sault College’s Hairstyling program hopes to make the journey towards wellness that much easier for local cancer patients affected by hair loss.

“One of the hardest parts of getting cancer was losing a part of me,” notes Kimberly Garber, Cancer Survivor and participant in Sault College’s Hairstyling program Cancer Wig Clinic. “The pain and treatment was a challenge, people knew me by my hair. Thank you to Sault College for making me whole again.”

Please help to restore the dignity and hope of so many cancer patients in Sault Ste. Marie. Tickets were purchased for $35 and although no longer available, you can contact the College’s Hairstyling Salon at 705-759-2554 ext. 2741 to learn more about the initiative. If you are unable to attend the wig show but would still like to help, all donations can be made to the Sault College Hairstyling Program Cancer Wig Clinic.