Huron Superior Catholic Board to Debate Sex-ed Delay


The Huron Superior Catholic District School Board will debate a delay on the roll-out of Premier Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Introduced by Trustee Kathleen Rosilius, the resolution proposes:

That the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board will delay the 2015 Health and Physical Education implementation until September 2016, to allow Parents/Ratepayers, Trustees, Board Officials and Teachers to have the opportunity to provide feedback on this critical program that will affect our children for a lifetime.

You can find it on the agenda for June 3 at the board’s website.

Support the Delay by Calling Catholic Trustees

If you are a Catholic board supporter, it is vital that we flood Trustees with calls and emails to and ask them to vote in favor of this proposal. We know it is a busy time and energy reserves are being severely tested, but please take the time to call or email your trustee on or before June 2!

If you need a reminder of what’s alarming about the program’s contents, here is a resource to show you what it says.

Here is a guide to help you write and call your Trustee.

Please Attend the Meeting!
Please attend this meeting to support Rosilius’ motion if you are a Catholic board supporter.

The Catholic Education Centre
90 Ontario Ave. Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Wednesday, June 3
6:30 pm