Is the Future Written


Is the future written for this young fifteen year old beauty? Kylee Vachon wasn’t even thinking about a future in modelling until her mom and dad suggested that she enter a modelling contest. That contest, TOP MODEL SEARCH CANADA.
Untitled-9Kylee, being just a normal 15 year old girl, thought that it was absurd, ridiculous, and out of the question. But with a little urging and confidence adjustment, mom and dad finally won out and Kylee agreed to go for it. Since then, out of the 8000 initial entries, Kylee has made it to the final eighty and will be heading to Toronto for the July 20th to the 26th extravaganza.

There will be internet coverage of the event and we will be following every catwalk step that she takes. Hopefully Kylee will celebrate a victory and a start to her future in the modelling world.
And what do her Mom & Dad think now, LOL, “that’s Our Girl!”