Local Entrepreneur offers Peace of Mind


You’re out of town or at camp for the weekend. You probably had a great time, full of great memories and laughs only to have your good mood  dashed when you return home to find your place ransacked and items stolen or worse yet, there’s been some damage to your property.

It happens more often than you think. In a Macleans study in 2009, Sault Ste. Marie was listed as one of the most dangerous cities and one of the highest in break and enters in all of Canada.

As break and enters and theft continue to rise, the need for home and business security grows.

That news isn’t lost on Daniel Laprade, owner and operator or KC Security.

kcLaprade moved to Victoria BC after high school and landed a few jobs that helped kicked off his career in the security business. “I shadowed the managers and workers out there and thought I could start something back home”. Having worked in British Columbia and Ontario, Laprade gained invaluable experience in the filed before owning his own company.

That’s what Laprade did this past winter , creating a new division of the KC brand that his Father built up over the last 15 years in the home improvement sector, KC Roofing.

“It’s been tough” Laprade says about launching a new business, “I’m trying to bring new options and programs to the market and some of the ideas that I have learned from other companies in different cities and bring them here” It’s not unusual for Laprade to put in long days running the business and patrolling. “I love it”

As a new business Laprade has been able to hire five staff and expects to hire more in the future. All of his staff are licensed through the Ministry of  Community Safety and Correctional Services and insured for a minimum $2 million liability.

KC Security like other security firms focus more on alarm systems for homes and businesses as well as patrol, the alarm system is a growing trend because it’s more cost effective said Laprade. The 27 year old entrepreneur said he sees the residential market being his focus by offering several cost effective services for homeowners and even neighbourhoods. Laprade said he’s selling “peace of mind” they use a tracking program called “Patrol Live” that allows clients the assurance their property is being patrolled by logging on their computer, that alone could bring down insurance premiums for his clients.

The security business is always something Laprade wanted to get into, though his first career path was in the funeral industry. At age 19 Laprade, who was now living in B.C., took the opportunity to learn the ropes and hasn’t looked back. Having over seven years experience behind him, that’s when he decided to launch his own business.

Laprade, like any small business owner, puts in long hours whether it be patrolling at night, or running the business throughout the day. “I probably put in 16 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s a lot of hard work”

Laprade said Security guards and services are there to assist authorities when they can and can apprehend a suspect if it’s an indictable offence and can hold a suspect for the police , but generally, a security guard has no more powers than a regular citizen and do not carry weapons.

Laprade said the basis for his services ranges from patrol, alarm response, guards for construction sites and targeting residential homeowners.

The security business is very competitive ,it’s like insurance Laprade said, it all comes down to money, what you’re paying for and what you’re getting – we won’t turn away a client, we will try to work something out to fit any budget”

KC Security continues to build up it clientele Laprade said  by offering promotional packages that can introduce residents to their services, to check out more on KC Security, go to     kcsecurityservices.wix.com

Laprade is happy to be back in the Sault , providing a service, creating employment opportunities and living his dream of entrepreneurship in a profession that he feels secure in.