So complicated… So confusing… So unfair… So interesting… So draining… So exhilarating…

No matter how much we try to wrap our head around how life works, there is still no way to make sense of it. One moment, we can experience emotions that are wonderful and happy and powerful and meaningful.

The next moment, we are faced with difficult decisions, horrible circumstances or devastating news.

I have come to understand life as a puzzle that is missing a ton of pieces. It is a game with rules that are constantly changing. It is a mystery that allows a brief glimpse at a time, so that we are always kept on our toes.

Today, I experienced mixed emotions in the same brief period of time. I was standing in a beautiful garden, with flowers and colourful lanterns and beauty all around me. People were greeting and talking with one another, with such kindness. The sun was shining, warm and glorious. The breeze was gentle and refreshing.

I saw friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in years. I chatted about the old days and the days at hand. I realized how connected we all really are. I took in images of stunning artwork, arbours, trees and garden benches and listened to soul touching music.

It was as if the craziness of the world had actually stopped for a moment and allowed us to realize what was really important. If was as if we were getting a much more significant glimpse of what really matters. It was as if I needed to contemplate my life, yet again, to ensure that I am making the most of every moment of every day.

Today, I got to have hope for humanity; that people are genuinely good and caring and loving and helpful and kind. Today, I believed that the human race has a wonderful opportunity to heal itself and to become more of what we are really capable of.

I know that nature and the outdoors and the sweetness of plants and greenery and rocks and cozy sitting areas have healing properties and can allow a soul to feel that all is good with the world.

This powerful experience all took place in the midst of a celebration. It was a celebration of life, for a beautiful young woman who was a daughter, sister, aunt, sister-in-law, wife, friend and more.

Her life, on earth, ended much too soon. This celebration was so unique and perfect. What a dynamic way for her family to honour her and allow those connected to them to remember her or pay their respects to her family.

It is remarkable that we can experience such peacefulness among such tragedy. Life is like that. It tends to play with our emotions and confuse us.

I suppose the reason for life to have such a range of emotions is so that we have everything we need to handle the roller coaster of what life will take us through. Today, I was reminded of how much we have to be grateful for.

If you are dealing with one of those utterly impossible-to-wrap-your-head-around types of situations, right now, may you know that you have the strength to get through it; especially when you looking hard enough for the good…
“Collect moments.” ~ Author Unknown