New Band Going out of Town


Usually the title is “New Band in Town,” but in this case it’s a relatively new band heading out of town on their first attempt at a tour. Pixo Control has been together for about 3 years and are extremely talented for their young ages. They are made up of Michael Mikus on guitar and vocals, Keeghan Rosso on drums and vocals, and Steve Edwards on bass. They play alternative, punk, and rock and roll. They are all Saultites and have already signed with a local record label known as Tidal Records.
They intend on finishing up there first album by the end of June and then starting their tour of Southern Ontario and then the States. If you want to help out with their expenses just e-mail them at the following: [email protected] or by phone at (705)-206-3811.

There was a good turnout for the show that proved to be somewhat wild and entertaining. Stay tuned to this band, they should do well.