On Their Bikes


Now that the nicer weather is here you will see the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services bicycle patrol officers back on the streets and trails. Nine officers have been issued mountain bikes, high visibility shirts, black police shorts and bicycle helmets.

Police bicycle patrols are common in many cities.  The use of the bicycle allows officers to enhance foot patrols and make officers more approachable. The assigned officers will patrol the downtown core, the waterfront, bicycle paths and other public areas, as well as more secluded areas such as trails and alleyways. These officers will also be utilized on special events such as the Rotary Parade and July 1st festivities.

cops-on-bike-1“The use of bicycle patrol in policing in not new and it is a great use of resources.  Officers on these bikes have the ability to get into more isolated areas and locations that a patrol car cannot access.  The officers will also enforce rules of the road and will be able to respond to calls in the area they are riding,” indicated Chief Keetch.

On the first day of bicycle patrol two of the officers rode their bicycles for eight hours.  During their travels the officers covered 30 kilometres.  They issued 6 by-law tickets in relation to bicycles on sidewalks in the downtown area and also issued one ticket under the Liquor Licence Act for having open liquor to an individual on the boardwalk.  The officers also completed a traffic stop and issued a ticket to a driver for using the cell phone.