Police Locate Two Missing Hikers


Just before 1:30 AM on the 15th of June City Police received a 911 call from a male advising that he and his girlfriend had gone for hike earlier in the evening and were lost in the bush. The male indicated that they had driven their vehicle up to the skidoo trail located off Second Line West near Airport Road. The male advised that they hiked for a while and that they were near a creek but had no idea where they were.

Officers attended in the area of Second Line West and Airport Road. In addition 911 operators advised the hikers to stay where they were and to listen for the officers calling out or police sirens. The 911 operators, with the assistance of the hiker’s cell phone company, were able to get GPS coordinates for the missing persons. Officers from the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) were called out as well as Police Services dog Justice. In addition members from the Sault Search and Rescue were also notified.

At approximately 5:30 AM the hikers were located by Justice and officers from the ESU and Patrol Services. Neither of the hikers was harmed.

This incidents is a good reminder that if you are going to venture out and enjoy the outdoors consider the time of day, let someone know you are going for a hike and when you expect to return. Make sure you are dressed for the conditions and have a supply of water and portable food such as protein bars.  If you do get lost try and remain calm and keep your wits about you so that you don’t wander further.  Take a cell phone as well but keep in mind that you may not get service. Consider learning how to use a gps or compass in the woods as well so you don’t get lost.