Rockin’ The Shop


If Thursday night was any indication, Machine Shop will be the place to be for prime entertainment,
One of Canada’s top bands, High Valley appeared at the venue and entertained a packed house of country music fans, not just from the city , but from all around the Algoma district and upper Michigan. In talking to people at the concert, it was found out that people from all over had planned to attend this concert since they first found out about it.

High Valley, an Alberta based band, has hit the heights of Canadian country music with their two top ten singles and is on a tour that hits places as far as Green Gables ,PEI.
To further delight the crowd on Thursday night, the opening band was Bone Yard, one of the most talented bands in the area. They got the fans going with their rock/country style of music and the night carried on from there.

When the Machine Shop first proposed the idea of this type of venue, people were skeptical but Last night was proof that it will work. Bring the entertainment, and people will come, just like the line from the movie said, “Build it and They Will Come.”

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