A BIG deal for local software company


The exciting announcement of the official partnership between SafetyLynx and Levitt-Safety has everyone smiling pretty big lately. This newest collaboration between these two companies has created the opportunity for SafetyLynx to grow at an exponential level, nationally. “We are so extremely excited to be able to work with Levitt Safety” says Bob Ryckman, President SafetyLynx. “The possibilities with this partnership are really endless and it puts us in a very competitive position to get the best product on the market to everyone who needs it.”

The new partnership means that Levitt-Safety will be able to offer SafetyLynx through their own website with technical support coming from both companies. Increased participation in the CoR™ Program by many more organizations in Ontario is very exciting for both companies. The recognition of the need to create encompassing and implemented safety programs is driving the need for this software, and not just in Ontario. SafetyLynx is currently the only product available that has been designed and developed with CoR certification as an end result. With the expansion of the Levitt-Safety’s technology division, both companies couldn’t be happier with the possibilities for future growth and development.

From its infancy, SafetyLynx was destined to be a pretty big deal by anyone who sees the program. SafetyLynx has achieved far reaching recognition, and Levitt-Safety took notice. They agreed SafetyLynx is a definitely a pretty big deal.