Seniors Calling. The Senior Entertainers

The Senior Entertainers

The Senior EntertainersIf you’re toes aren’t tappin’ while The Senior Entertainers are playing, you might want to consult with a physician. It’s safe to say that all the gathered music lovers at Great Northern Retirement Residence, Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario were in fine health. All toes were tapping, and some were even dancing the afternoon of June 26th,2015.

Joe Rogers, Norm Parlowe, Marcel Noel, Lorne Trumble make up the ensemble, The Senior Entertainers. The collective music library, knowledge, history,  genres, and styles makes this group a favourite on the senior circuit. Activities Calendars in many of the retirement residences and long term care residences, from Sault Ste. Marie to Thessalon, have a date sloted  for The Senior Entertainers. In any given month, this marvelous group of musicians performs 10 separate times. That’s a lot.

The Senior Entertainers have an easy, country rock-a-billy, and acadian style. Their sound invites a person to think about sitting around a kitchen table .. perhaps ‘down-the-line’ or another rural Ontario location, or in rural Quebec,  New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  The gang’s all here. Someone grab the spoons. Uncle Bernard is starting with The Reel.  Try to keep up.

The Senior EntertainersLorne and Norm formed the band 20 years ago. Joe and Marcel came into the group 5 years ago. Marcel Noel spent his childhood in rural Quebec, and brings the french-canadian language alive in his songs. Joe Rogers is from Bruce Mines. Norm Parlowe and Lorne Trumble are Saulites.  The guys perform 10 gigs each month including the Finnish Resthome, Long-term care residences VanDaele, F.J. Davey Home and Cedarwood, Retirement Residences Great Northern and Pathways, as well as care residences in Bruce Mines and Thessalon. That includes loading and unloading of instruments, amplifiers, microphones, cords, and of course, the driving when heading ‘down-the-line’. It’s remarkable really.

On this Friday afternoon- happy- hour at Great Northern Retirement Residence, the crowd, including a fellow adorning a country-western hat named Paul, enjoyed some beverages and sweet down-home music.

The ensemble known as The Senior Entertainers continue to share their gifts of music through their instruments and songs. ‘Crystal Chandeliers’, (a song written by Ted Harris circa 1965)  is a crowd favourite. Memphis Country music icon Charlie Pride may have made ‘Crystal Chandeliers’ famous, but it carries on through the music offerings of The Senior Entertainers, somewhere along the senior circuit.  “Oh the crystal chandeliers light up the paintings on your wall.”

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