The Star Treatment


The John Rhodes Centre was the home to a temporary zoo over the weekend much to the glee of hundreds of visitors who came to see the star of the show, a red kangaroo.


Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, based in Ottawa, is a travelling zoo to bring awareness of exotic animals with both scales and fur. The theme for this year’s show, Australia.

The Zoo is more of a sanctuary for these creatures, most of the animals housed at the zoo are from people who have bought the animals when they were small but abandoned them when they got too big, like crocodiles , snakes and even tarantula’s.


The zoo staff help educated people on the care of these wild creatures with many hands on exhibits and shows.

The travelling show brings 30 different animal species on the road of the 500 the Zoo has .

Part of the educational aspect of Little Ray’s is to stress to people not to import certain animals.  Exotic animal ownership laws differ from city to city.


One of the Zoo’s star attractions over the past several years was a three legged alligator named Lady-Chomps-A-Lot, didn’t make the road trip this year because she’s getting to big to travel.

Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo is considered the largest reptile rescue in Canada.




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