Transferring Command. The 155 Borden Gray (GC) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Julie Mullins remembrance sunday

Every three years a tradition shared throughout history takes place at Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons right across this country. On Wednesday June 3rd, 2015, at The National Defence Armouries on Pine Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the ceremony marking the transferring of command took place for the 155 Borden Gray (GC) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Captain Steven Mullins, Commanding Officer symbolically passed the Air Cadet banner, from the 155 Air Cadet Flag Party, along with duties and responsibilities to Captain Jim Browne. Captain Mullins has assumed command of the 155 Borden Gray (GC) Air Cadet Squadron for two separate commissions. His dedication to the growth and development of young people within his charge was resoundingly expressed as gratitude through an emotional ‘March Past’ and applause by the cadets, their families, dignitaries, both military and civilian.

Captain Mullins shared that “watching the transformation of young people, and the way that they have grown into exceptional leaders is what I have valued most over the last 20 years or so.” Captain Mullins began his journey with Air Cadets in his youth. “There is so much that young people can learn about themselves through air cadets. Honour, duty, responsibility, good citizenship, being part of a disciplined team, and skills competition.” adding “Travelling to competitions in Ontario, North Bay, Trenton, Toronto, and Ottawa (for example) for provincial skills competition events build memories for cadets to reflect on as they grow through the ranks of cadets, and into their lives beyond cadets. 20150603_184849Some of the cadets have mastered their glider pilot license, power pilot license, have received bursaries and scholarships to pursue education and training, and have travelled to competitions where they gain even more skills.”

At the age of 19, an air cadet will be ‘retired’. Many are going on to post-secondary pursuits, or even may be considering a military career. Three air cadets were retired on Wednesday, June 3rd. Chris Seymour, Avery Newman-Simmons and Shawn Clement took their final marches at The Pine Street Armouries as 155 Borden Gray (GC) Air Cadets. They have each distinguished themselves, and the 155 Borden-Gray Squadron through several accomplishments.

For Captain Steven Mullins, being part of the 155 Squadron as Commanding Officer has also meant spending time with his daughter Julie. “Having the opportunity to spend time with my daughter has been one of the great rewards of this last term of command.”

‘The George Cross (GC) is second in the order of wear in the United Kingdom honours system, and takes precedence over all other orders, decorations and medals, except the Victoria Cross. The GC is the highest gallantry award for civilians, as well as for members of the armed forces in actions for which purely military honours would not normally be granted.

Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a Canadian national youth program for persons aged 12 to 18. Under the authority of the National Defence Act the program is administered by the Canadian Forces and funded through the Department of National Defence. Additional support is provided by the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada. Together with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Royal Canadian Army Cadets, it forms the “largest federally funded youth program in the country”. Cadets are not members of the military and are not obliged to join the Canadian Forces.

The first squadrons were established in 1941 to train young men for duties during World War II. The purpose has since changed to focus on citizenship, leadership, physical fitness, general aviation and stimulating an interest

in the activities of the Canadian Forces.Royal_Canadian_Air_Cadets)

The rich history and tradition of The 155 Borden Gray (George Cross) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets will continue at The Pine Street Armouries. Young people age 12-18 are welcome to discover Air Cadets at The Armouries by following the link or telephone 705-949-6808.



In discovering air cadets, they might just discover something about themselves.
Congratulations (Ret) Commanding Officer Captain Steven Mullins on your remarkable leadership and mentorship to the young hearts and minds of the air cadets who have passed through the ranks of the 155 Borden Gray (GC) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Salute.

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