Where Do You Stand?


As of the new school year in September, the Wynne government will institute a new sex education program that includes things that even adults find uncomfortable . Things such as anal and oral sex will be discussed with children in all grades and with teachers that have minimal training in those subjects.

On Sunday, a group of people congregated on Bay St. to show their disgust and disapproval with the decision that the new “majority” government has made concerning sex education in our schools.




  1. Teach it in school! Face the face that relying on parents to give sex ed has not worked. My parents NEVER talked to me about sex. Ever. It was a taboo subject in my home and the homes of all my friends. Our parents were old school and that stuff was not discussed. We had no education about it in school (catholic of course, so the subject was even more taboo). We had no where to turn or to ask questions. So now you see a generation of kids here in town (24 to 30)- who were raised by kids in a lot of cases – because they got pregnant as teens. That cycle has got to stop!!

    I recall me and my friend secretly went to a clinic at city hall because she wanted to get on the pill but had nowhere to turn. I recall young people could go there and get protection for free without your parents finding out. That was the first time I had ever had any discussion about sex or how women’s bodies work, or how condoms work etc.

    The nurse realizing our embarrassing lack of knowledge brought out a 3D model of the female reproduction system to show us how everything worked, she showed us how to use a condom, and how the pill worked. I got more out of that session with that nurse than I did in ever in my life until then.

    It was the first time I had ever seen anything like that and had it explained by a patient and caring person with NO judgement. Again there was a cloud of shame and secrecy attached to it all since we had to sneak there, sit in the waiting room paranoid a parent or someone we knew would see us. But my friend was put on the pill as she requested…..until her parents found them and threw them away and punished her.
    Guess what? She had a baby at 16, and has struggled ever since.

    • Linda, just because your parents didn’t teach you about sex it doesn’t follow that no parents teach their children this. My parents did just fine. I also remember that when I was in elementary school there was a question box so that students could ask the health teacher anything they wanted (and this was over twenty years ago). You seem to suggest that when you were in high school you had almost no understanding of sex; this seems incredible to me. You also seem to suggest that your friend’s pregnancy was somehow her parents’ fault. Did you ever stop to think that her parents were trying to prevent what actually happened? As the saying goes: if you want to play, you have to pay. I would think that you are a little old to be blaming parents for yours and your friend’s choices by now.

  2. Yes these people don’t know what they are protesting sadly,they need to get educated before protesting against something they know nothing about!! Honestly,Find something better to do with your time besides trying to bring down the education system over one curriculum.

  3. I like the fact that kids are being taught things in school about this subject however THIS curriculum is ridiculous. Teaching them about anal sex and masterbation. Is kinda far fetched …. They even teach YOUNG kids things they shouldn’t even no or care about ,

  4. People have nothing better to do than to sit out on the streets and hold up signs to ruin their kids future. Home school then if it’s such a big deal. I think it’s a great idea . I wish I could have learned more. .. I don’t even remember my sex ed class. Maybe this will make it easyer to remember.

    • How is teaching children to stand up for what they believe in, exercising their right to free speech and demonstration ruining their kid’s lives?

  5. This new sex ed crap there trying to teach in our schools next year is literally ridiculous! We get it to many teen pregnancies but really trying to teach kids about anal and oral sex like come on… People experiment its there choice. Putting kids though stuff like that will make them not want to come to school. Now this being said, the Sault is on the list for the drop out rate. We are becoming one of the highest. Pushing adults to even learn this shit is difficult. Just because you think you can force a teacher to teach this stuff doesn’t mean we’ll listen. Hell we barley listen to our own parent let alone our teachers. We must live and learn my friends.. Live and learn.

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