7 Local Complaints, Two Scammed


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Fraud Unit would like to remind citizens to be diligent if they receive an email, a phone call, text or mail that indicates it is from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Seven reports of been received from local citizens advising they have received a letter or phone call from persons indicating that they are from the CRA.

Unfortunately two citizens have fallen victim to these crimes. In one incident the caller received a phone call advising that they owed money and that it needed to be paid right away. This victim was advised to obtain a prepaid credit card and provide that information to the caller. In the second incident the victim received a letter stating that they owned funds from several years ago and that if they did not pay up right away they would be in trouble. Money was sent and a second letter arrived asking for more funds. No further funds were sent and police were notified.
If the contact from CRA asks for your social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number or passport number these are all red flags that this is a scam.
The CRA will not ask for any personal information by email or text message. They will not request payment by prepaid credit cards.
The only time the CRA will send an email containing links is if you have call them and request a specific form or link. They will forward you that information during the telephone call.
If you have been a victim of this scam please report it to Detective Constable Campbell of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Fraud Unit at 705-949-6300 ext. 387
Please be sure to share this information with any family members who may not have access to the internet. Knowledge is the key to preventing scams.
The CRA is aware of these scams and has provided information on their website on how you recognize a scam involving their agency.
Be sure to visit them at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ntcs/bwr-eng.html