A Few Things About Shaun Rootenburg


In a statement of claim against the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma Public Health, Shaun Rootenburg says he missed out on several lucrative business deals after word got out that Rootenburg was a fraud.  Rootenburg denies any wrong doing and claims the City has caused him humiliation, ridicule, stress, loss of employment and loss of future business dealings.

Rootenburg was hired as an interim Chief Financial Officer for APH in November 2013. He was hired to clean up the financial wrong doings of the former CFO, Jeff Holmes who was convicted of fraud and terminated by the APH.

Rootenburg claims that he could no longer get employment in the city and that his name was slandered by media and the city.

In his lawsuit, Rootenburg says that the “defendants” were  aware that in January 2015 Rootenburg did not misappropriate any monies while acting as interim CFO and that even with that knowledge, the defendants continued to represent Rootenburg must have done something wrong. He claims that the defendants continued to distance themselves from Rootenburg and “wanted nothing to do with him or any associates”  Rootenburg claims there is no evidence that he did anything wrong. In fact the Ministry of Health own investigation shows that Rootenburg did not find that Rootenburg did anything wrong while in the position of interim CFO.

Despite that , the lawsuit claims the City continued to make “unfounded allegations” and as a direct result Rootenburg’s name was tarnished.

Rootenburg says due to the defamation of his character , he was unable to find employment and the actions of the City and APH led to the demise of several business dealings he had in place at the time.

One of those was a Starbuck’s franchise that was to be built in the Algoma Public Health building and would have generated in excess of $2.5 million over the term of a ten year contract.

Rootenburg claims that the media has taken representations  taken from the defendants and have repeatedly exploited those representations for the purpose of sensationalizing the facts in order to make their stories more newsworthy and moreover focused on  Rootenburg as a criminal.

One of his pending business deals a profit sharing  from a Medical Marijuana License that was close to obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health. Rootenburg claims his cut would have been $5 million.  Further Rootenburg lost the ability to receive his fee of $4 million from the development of the Gateway Site.

Rootenburg currently resides in Toronto and wants the court case be tried in Toronto.






  1. Yes there was constant referrals to him in a negative way. Constant bringing up his past, especially for a conviction that happened several years ago with no signs of reoffending since. Basically the viewpoint was that he was a criminal and should not have another chance. He was not labeled innocent until weeks later and non stop stories. in fact let me quote a story from Sootoday Jan 22 ” Then, early yesterday, a flurry of new media revelations hit, exploring how Rootenburg had gotten hired at APH, and the con artist’s ties to a proposed medical marijuana production facility on a former PUC property on Second Line East.” Note the comment “con artist” which implies he is still a con artist. Even if he didn’t disclose his past, in such a position the person doing the hiring should have done a police check. Yet no one has really tried to go after the person that hired him. From the stories posted it appears the APH has a history of bending the rules…a common problem it seems in the city. Plus add that this city likes to reject anyone from another city that comes in and tries to set up business.

  2. Well they did say he didn’t do nothing wrong APH,same with the city,there was no slander of his name just the news and coverage of what was happening in our city,he shouldn’t of hid his past and this wouldn’t have happened simple as that.

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