Argument Turns Physical


An 18 year old male was arrested by City Police officers last night on a domestic related matter. It is alleged that on July 10th the accused attended to his ex-girlfriend’s residence and became involved in an argument which escalated to the point where the accused slapped the victim in the side of the head knocking her to the ground. He was charged with one count of assault and appeared in Bail Court earlier today.

Domestic Related
A 36 year old male turned himself in to City Police early this morning on 4 domestic related charges he was wanted on. It is alleged that between October and December of 2011 he assaulted his common law female partner by punching her in the nose. Between July and October of 2012 it is alleged the accused punched the victim in the face area again. Between April and May of this year it is alleged the accused grabbed the victim’s hair and banged her head off of a cabinet. Most recently, on July 12th, it is alleged the accused grabbed the victim by her hair and attempted to drag her out of a vehicle. As a result he was charged with 2 counts of assault causing bodily harm and 2 counts of assault. He appeared in Bail Court earlier today.