Asylum Country… Driving fans crazy!


By Tammy Semande Haman

The ultimate goal of any musician is to have a fan base. Devoted followers who are committed to supporting the essence of the music being embodied! That is what one can count on at an Asylum performance! Lead singer Tyson Hanes is currently fulfilling his life goal in the music industry that is Nashville. The band manages to maintain a faithful audience in Sault Ste Marie even though they play together but a few times a year.


asylum2Together TJ Case & Tyson Hanes create an atmosphere that is electric & contagious. The partnership between them bleeds through every moment of their concert like performances. They have a kinship as strong and solid as siblings!

Asylum gave an awesome performance at Rednecks! Supported by great instrumentalists they draw an impressive crowd. Brotherly love & friendship surround the stage with an energy that is very unique. Great song choices play a big part in the maturity of their rhythm. They blend country and rock together flawlessly.

Great job boys! A solid 10 out of 10 from myself & Audrey Marshall! Can not wait to see you again! Keep up the good work!