Guide Book Calls the Sault “Dreary”

International Bridge

Visitors to Sault Ste. Marie often call the waterfront one of the prettiest they’ve seen, but according to a popular guide book, the Sault is anything but pretty.

Lonely Planet, a famous guide book for tourists looking for new places to explore gave the Sault a less than flattering review ,”Let’s face it, Sault Ste-Marie is not the prettiest town. In many parts, it’s dreary. Downtown feels like a ghost town and can be sketchy after dark.”

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Though it does go onto say that the Sault lives up to it’s billing as “the friendliest place in Ontario”

The review hilights several of the Sault’s attractions including the Sault Muesum, The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and the National Historic site at the locks and the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site and the Charity Casino, the Agawa Canyon Tour Train billed as our most popular tourist attraction was left off the list.

What it does list is just “train station” All trains depart from the train station , which also sells tickets.

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