In a Funk…


My definition of a funk: when more than one thing doesn’t go as planned and it piles up like garbage after a party. This week, I was in a funk…

It never fails that when I take too much on my plate, funks become the norm. I try to juggle all of the different projects I have on the go and it becomes impossible to do anything well.

When I think I am organized, plan, in advance, or schedule things just right, something throws a wrench in my agenda. This drains my energy.

As much as I am constantly reminding myself to calm down, take a deep breath, relax or let it go, I also realize that the way I think, is not necessarily the way other people think.

If you ask anyone who knows my family, most will comment that we are one hard working bunch. When I was in my early teens, my parents purchased our first business, where our whole family was involved.

We owned vending machines from White River to east of Elliot Lake and everywhere in between. We had pop machines, nut, candy and toy dispensers, arcade games, pool tables and more.

As girls, our job was to assist Mom and Dad with filling plastic bubbles with toys, topping up machines, collecting coins, rolling coins and going on day trips to replenish the route.

I vividly remember many episodes of our whole family sitting at our kitchen table rolling money. We would have an empty candy box with a thick clear plastic bag lining the box. The box would be filled with quarters.

In the middle of the table, my Dad would dump the coins. We would roll them manually and each make a pile. The day we got an automatic rolling machine, it was like Christmas morning and we thought we had found heaven!

Collectively, we have owned arcades, a DJ music and karaoke business, vending businesses, delis, billiard shops, furniture stores, bars, cafes, a flea market, salon, spa, wellness centres, indoor golf clubs and various residential and commercial real estate properties, while also holding down other jobs. To this day our entire family consists of entrepreneurs.

People come from all backgrounds, different kinds of family units and different circumstances. What we all learned from our families will vary drastically and may, or may not, impact who we are today.

Each and every one of us is unique. Our perspective of the world has been shaped by our upbringing and our experiences. We each have something different to offer the world.

That is what is exciting about life; every day we can learn new things about ourselves and others.

Today, I have learned that I have high expectations of myself, which means I tend to have high expectations for others. I see now, that this sometimes causes me much more stress than good. I apologize to anyone who I barked at this week.

I have also learned that I am extremely grateful for my family. We have become who we are, in large part because we worked hard from a young age and developed a strong work ethic.

With that; however, means that I have had to spend a lot of years learning how to get out of funks and how to create balance in my life. When there is not enough time to get everything accomplished or replenish my energy, I begin to unravel.

After eating and then falling asleep, sitting upright in a chair tonight, I ventured outside to our back yard, where I snapped some photos and soaked in some fresh air and the last bit of sunshine.

Nature is my greatest energy booster and it never fails to unfunk me. Funks happen… What gets you out of a funk?

‘My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far I’ve finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.’ ~ Dave Barry