Is Laird Raceway Finished?


Drivers had a meeting at Wacky Wings Thursday to discuss what’s needed to be done to keep the current racers and fans attending stock car racing at Laird International Raceway and to entice former drivers and fans to come back.

Organized by Robert Hiiemaa, a long time racer at Laird and at the old 5th Line speedway, along with Keenan Spurway, a former modified racer who is now in the Factory Stock division headed up the meeting.

There were a number of suggestions brought up at the meeting which would be taken to Donnie Varcoe in the next few days and hopefully racing will resume next Thursday, but no promises were made.

Some key items included were:

– When cars go through tech that the rules would apply to everyone and the decision by the tech man would be final.

– Start money should be paid to all drivers, even if it meant that it would be a lower pay out for the top finishers.

– It was suggested that Laird could run opposite Sundays of Kinross Speedpark.

– Rules for the divisions should be out on paper and made available to all drivers.

– There should be a representative for each division and the racers in that division would talk to the rep if there are issues.

– Donnie Varcoe shouldn’t race, even though he doesn’t get any points or winnings, the car could affect the outcome of a race.

– The drivers suggested that they park their race cars at their sponsors on Tuesday to help assist in getting more fans out to the race track.

As these are only suggestions, which the drivers think would keep Laird International Raceway operating for the remainder of the 2015 season, it is unsure if all or any would be considered.


  1. DV is nothing more than an overgrown spoiled kid, if he can’t have it his way it will be no way.
    If he wants to shut it down that’s ok, Kinross is a far better venue anyway.
    The only people I feel sorry for are those without a passport to get thru US customs so they can go and enjoy the much better races at Kinross.
    Also, if they do stay open they need a new announcer that doesn’t scream into the microphone and deafen everyone, it ruins the whole experience.

    • Sue, when and how did we develop a sense of right and wrong. Can we strengthen a natural instinct to care for other humans. I hope the answer is yes because humans appear to have hit an evolutionary plateau for morals and caring. In some ways humans have completely regressed when it comes to giving a shit about anyone. My curiosity has been piqued. Some good points have been brought to the table by people like myself that love the sport and want to see it continue on both sides of the border. Keep the name calling and insults for the play ground.

      • Love the sport, too, but DV is not the right person to be running the show.
        I’d love to see a poll on what the racing public thinks about that.

  2. These are some great suggestions. I absolutely agree with the part about the tech guy being able to make the call. I know it is very frustrating when he makes a call and it continuously gets overruled. The same rules should apply everyone all the time, no exceptions for certain drivers, otherwise whay is the point of even having tech. And how do you run a track without giving each driver a written copy of the rules, and expect them to follow them? Maybe it’s because the rules change night to night lol

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