Kudos to Responders!

Letter to the Editor

SaultOnline received the following email from Ashley Irwin, president of the Algoma Horse Association, with regards to their experiences during the Ammonia leak this past weekend in Bruce Mines.


Hi there I am just following up as the president of a local horse club the Algoma horse association. We were on the fairgrounds hosting a show with 20+ horses and families on site.

We heard a distant alarm an hour prior to being evacuated. A volunteer came in and shouted load up from a distance. Thankfully OPP officer attended and assisted with people loading up horses and evacuation as people were from as far as Chelmsford.The commradery was amazing.

Afterwards I lost my voice with pain in chest. I attended Matthews memorial hospital for respirator and steroid to assist my lungs and breathing as they were irritated. Spoke with the ministry of the environment who cleared us to be able to go back to grounds to get items left behind but advised things be hosed off with water to avoid risk of further contamination.

What a night!

Ashley Irwin
Algoma Horse Association