Laird Raceway Gets the Red Flag

Photo: Laird Raceway - Tom Stephenson

There have been rumours flying around about Laird International Raceway being shut down.

Laird management has verified that there will be no racing this Thursday, July 23rd, but as for
any other races being cancelled confirmation could not be given.

Laird International Raceway has been in operation since the start of summer 1999 and has brought
back the sport of stock car racing to the Canadian Sault area with the last race car track being
5th Line which closed in 1982. Even though there was competition from Kinross Raceway, the name
of the track back in 1999, Laird Raceway kept the fans and cars on the track here.

From all the Facebook chatter there are pros and cons about Laird Raceway not racing this Thursday
and there is some skepticism about the continue operation of the race track.

Updates to the story will be  posted when new information is available.


  1. Kinross has them beat hands down, no comparison, they have to step it up to compete or forget it.
    I don’t know first hand, but I’m told the drivers get paid just to show up at Kinross.
    More cars, better prizes, better races.
    I’m done with Laird.

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