Neither Vegetarian, nor Veagan, nor Raw. It’s Ribfest 2015.


gmTDRL69No5dyj0Rg0_256P4ZPJAUUBeEP4hIUgujYQKabmg4YRSiKmTYdW-ZOfFL65zeg=w1229-h767If a person is so inclined, and meat, specifically pork ribs is one of your faves, Ribfest 2015 is likely on the menu. July 16-18, at Clergue and Rowswell Parks in downtown Sault Ste. Marie an annual summer festival is in full swing. The 94th Rotaryfest is underway along with the 3rd annual Ribfest.

4 separate Rib festival touring operations specializing in BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken were showcasing their particular set of culinary skills for an ever-growing line of ‘foodies’ looking to try what could be smelled for a country mile.

The Fired up BBQ’s were sending all kind of goodness into the air, and with puffs of smoke, the scent drifted along, saying howdy to the hungry customers waiting in steady line-ups. Each operator has their own secret recipe, rubs, marinades, spices and way of doing ribs and chicken.


One of the highlights of each Ribfest, are the coveted trophies. People’s Choice, Best Ribs, and Best Chicken awards are handed out early evening on Saturday, July 18th. Voting for People’s Choice continues into Saturday afternoon by ballot.


QbTua3szqUxTfqkgfjWsU3FtbtclN87ElgFfxajEnlldvtMqdZ1u4VzH_SBizFiYpDKhOg=w1229-h767Earlier in the afternoon on Friday,July 17th, ‘Jack the Ribber’, ‘Silver Bullet BBQ’, ‘Kentucky Smokehouse’, and ‘Route 55’ had their ribs and chicken judged by a group of local folks. The four Rib Judges were Sault Police Chief Bob Keetch, Easter Seals Ambassador Ben MacDonald, City Councillor Terry Sheehan, and Denise Schmidt.

The 4 Chicken Judges were Christian LeMay,Shaw T.V., Shaylan Spurway, Local 2, Rod Stone, President, Rotary Club of SSMarie and Tom Schmidt. Denise and Tom Schmidt are present for Rotaryfest 2015, having travelled from Freemont, Michigan. “Rod Stone and other rotarians have talked about Rotaryfest at different Rotary gatherings, and when he (Rod Stone) invited us to come and check out this year’s festival, we couldn’t wait for the dates to get here. My wife Denise and I travelled from Michigan.” adding “This place is amazing. We’re having so much fun. Denise and I were judges for the ribs competition.” Tom Schmidt is District Governor for Rotary International, District 6290. There are 60 Clubs in the District. “We’re really looking forward to riding in the Rotaryfest Parade on Saturday.”


According to Brandon Temple, member of the Route 55 Ribfest culinary crew, approximately 5,000 lbs of ribs and chicken combined over the 3 days (July 16 -18) will be served up (more or less) by each of the four Ribfest operators. Holy Smokes.
The decision of the 2015 Judges will be made known early evening on Saturday, as well as The People’s Choice Award.


Ribfest continues until 10 pm on Saturday, July 18th. Clergue and Rowswell Parks, as part of The Sault’s favourite summer festival, Rotaryfest.




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