Pages From The Past


Here is some news dating back to July 31st, 1961.


Detroit Is Quiet, Gets Booze Again
An emergency ban against sale of liquor was lifted partially today by Governor George Romney as flames licked at the wreckage of Detroit’s racial explosion, worst in US history.
“I Saw National Guard Officer Murder 2 Negro Boys”
According to a witness, at least 2 of 3 Negroes shot to death at a motel during the Detroit riot were coldly killed by National Guard officer,

Things haven’t changed much in 54 years.

Les Kennedy Receives Championship Trophy
On July 31st, 1961, Wayne Shewfelt presented Les Kennedy with the championship trophy for the North Shore Peewee baseball league. Echo Bay defeated Thessalon 3 games to 2.

Mattress Sale
Queen St. Furniture was selling mattresses from $49.95 to $79.95, and these were Sealy Posturepedic mattresses.

Mini-skirts Helping Nova Scotia Firms
Mini-skirts and mod clothes are helping to boost Nova Scotia’s growing textile industry.
Products range from tartan and mod clothes to an all synthetic fabric used by the pulp and paper industry. The provinces largest clothing textile company is Stanfield’s Ltd. and employs 1,000 workers. It makes some 5200 different items of clothing that range from underwear to baseball shirts.

Some Sports
In his column, Les Pyette predicted that Pittsburgh wouldn’t win the pennant because of the disharmony on the team. Roberto Clemente publicly stated that he didn’t care for the way Murtaugh, the manager at the time, managed the team.

The Centennial Soccer League champs were United Kingdom. The reason I mention this is because one of their players, Martin Blakeborough, taught me in high school. He didn’t look much like an athlete but apparently he was a tremendous soccer player.

Another Sale
Do you remember Davis Clothing on the corner of Queen and Bruce Streets? Well they were having a clearance sale. Here is a list of the sales items:
Suits -$44.00 to $68.00 but Samuelson suits were $88
Brand Name shirts – $3.99
Work Pants – $3.99 Work Shirts – $2.99
Sport Shirts – From $2.99 to $4.88
Men’s Casual Shoes – $7.99 to $15.95
Cotton Pants – $4.88 to $5.88
What’s that term again, oh yes, “Those were the days.”