Reggie and Christine Fight Back


Reggie and Christine Daigle have never let anyone knock them down without fighting back and it won’t happen this time either.

Originally, the Ontario Government passed a law that prohibited anyone from smoking in public places, and that included bars. That’s when Reggie and Christine purchased the old Roosevelt Hotel, which had a patio already. Problem solved, NO.

When the government saw that the bars were striking back by building patios, they decided to extend that law to patios. What now? Well Reggie and Christine dug into their bag of tricks and came up with extended entertainment on the patio. They built bocce courts, ring toss games, and a barbeque for their patrons, so shove that politicians .

Just to show you how much spunk they have, this past June, they threw the most spectacular and successful party that Queen Street has ever seen. Downtown Association should go and have a talk with them and find out how to make Queen Street more vibrant, something that they have always wanted to do.


  1. The main thing is the government doesn’t gaf about anyone but themselves so there for you might as well suck it up and deal with smoking because the government makes way to much money off them so therefore won’t be band!!!!

  2. They should have went with the flow, tobacco is killing thousands and breaking our health care system.
    If people still want to smoke they can go out on the sidewalk in front.

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